Effects of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence can have lasting physical and emotional effects on a victim. Victims often suffer from depression and sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. Many victims drop out of school. Sexual violence can be one horrible moment that last only a few minutes, but its effects can be felt for a lifetime.

Sophomore, University of Maryland, College Park

My rape was bad, but at least it was just one night and it was over. I could remind myself of that when things (like the intrusive thoughts or nightmares) got bad. I was raped by a guy I knew, had classes with. He got me drunk--fed me shots all night, and then insisted he wanted to "make sure you get back to your house safely." He convinced my friends to let him take me home and they stayed out. Once we got to my house, he wouldn't leave, he held me down and he raped me while I cried and said "please don't." I believe he planned the whole thing out.

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1.800.656.HOPE